Video Blackjack at Betphoenix

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Platform: Proprietary
Dealer studio: Costa Rica
Number of decks: six
Format: Single seat
Shuffle: Regular
Limits ($£€): Min - 1 | Max - 500


One of the fastest video blackjack games you can play.  There's no waiting for other players to play their hands in turn.


Costa Rica based, so probity and regulation is light on.  Also the deal is not conventional, to cater for many players


Betphoenix blackjack videos
Single deal blackjack

Live Blackjack dealt with community hit cards


One deal many players?  How does this work?
Hit, double-down, split cards are dealt to the centre of the table and are allocated to players based on their bet decision.  If you stand on 9 10, cards dealt to the table center will be for other players, not you.

The key thing to remember is that despite the different approach to dealing, normal blackjack rules apply and the different deal does not impact this in any way.