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Large variations in bet limits offered for video baccarat games.  Max's of 200 up to 15,000 may be found.

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Casino Standard Punto Banco Dragon Bonus Lucky Pairs In- running Progressive Limits
bet365 2-1,000
Unibet 2-10,000
William Hill 5-200
Lucky Live 5-200
Canbet 1-5,000
Bodog88 20-15,000
Betphoenix 5-3,000


A very simple game...
If you've never played baccarat before, don't let the high roller mystique that surrounds it intimidate's the simplest of casino games.  The basic/standard form of the game gives you 3 bet options - bet Banker, Player or Tie.  You place your bet and the dealer does the rest.

And the best part...mathematically this is one of the best returning games, with a house edge on the Banker bet of 1.06%.  The Player bet (1.24%) is also a good returning option, while Tie bets (14.36%) should be avoided.