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Owing to mid-shoe shuffle policies, effective card counting strategies are negated by video casinos

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Casino Table type No. of decks Blackjack pays Limits ($£€) Platform
Unibet 7-seat eight 3 to 2 10 - 10,000 Ev'n Gaming
bet365 7-seat eight 3 to 2 5 - 200 Playtech
William Hill 7-seat eight 3 to 2 5 - 200 Playtech
Lucky Live 3-seat six 3 to 2 5 - 200 Vuetec
Canbet 7-seat eight 3 to 2 5 - 1,000 Microgaming
Bodog88 5-seat eight 3 to 2 5 - 450 Entertasia
Betphoenix Single-seat six 3 to 2 1 - 500 Proprietary


The shuffle...
Advantage players, or those with card counting expertise should note that all video casinos enforce mandatory dealer shuffles approximately half way into the dealt shoe.  This policy prevents count penetration and precludes the effective application of counting strategies.

'Standard' blackjack rules apply at most video casinos and house rules are clearly presented for player review.  The one exception to 'standard' blackjack is Lucky Live's early payout game, named Blackjack Basic Strategy with Early Payout™.