Video Roulette at Unibet

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Platform: Evolution Gaming
Dealer studio: European (Riga, Latvia)
Variations: European, French
Wheel manufacturer: Cammegh
Wheel model: Slingshot2 (auto ball release)


Massive round-the-clock table range, large game variation range, very large table limit range (bets to $200,000 on Gold French Roulette), great looking and highly customizable game skin and video.


Arguably the most complete video roulette platform out there.  Hard to fault.


Unibet roulette videos
Games: European (Turbo and Gold), French (Turbo and Gold)

Live European Roulette - Turbo

Live European Roulette - Gold (high limits)

Live French Roulette - Turbo

Live French Roulette - Gold (high limits)